Spring is finally here, and that means that it’s time for spring cleaning. For many, this includes a top-to-bottom cleaning of their home. Vacuuming, dusting, and liquidating all go into cleaning up a home in the spring.

Your home isn’t the only thing you should be cleaning. Your Lincoln vehicle also deserves some much-needed attention. While cleaning your exterior can be a simple pass-through at the carwash, your interior needs more attention.

Immediate Action

Spring cleaning is a great time to clean up your vehicle if you’ve let it get a little dirty over the winter. However, in order to keep your vehicle in peak shape, as well as avoid damage, its important to take immediate action in your interior.

Spills on seats, leather or otherwise, can be a pain. If they are not immediately taken care of, they can even cause damage to the seats. A hyper-absorbent cloth can wick up these spills immediately, and the seats should be properly cleaned asap.

Small stones and dirt can grind into the floor of your Lincoln if you aren’t careful. Frequent vacuuming should alleviate this issue.

Clean the Leather

Lincoln vehicles are built to be both comfortable and luxurious. This includes quite a bit of leather in the interiors. A good commercial cleaner should help keep your interior sparkling. However, your dealer or manufacturer may recommend a specific cleaner, which should provide you better results.

In order to avoid damage, and have the best driving experience, it’s important to frequently and properly clean your vehicle.

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