Designers at the Lincoln Motor Company have worked together to create Lincoln’s newest innovative feature. The all-new Lincoln Navigator introduces the exciting Lincoln drive modes - designed for any client to understand.

Drivers select their setting through six consumer-friendly modes. These are easily accessed using the knob located on the center console.  

Three modes are terrain and weather-related:
  • Deep conditions, for snow, extremely muddy or sandy environments
  • Slippery, for wet or icy conditions
  • Slow climb, for steep terrain

The other three are based on the type of ride the driver desires:
  • Normal, for an effortless, balanced ride
  • Conserve, for efficient driving
  • Excite, for a responsive, engaging ride

These impressive new visuals only add to the already state-of-the-art SUV. To develop the graphics that drivers see while maneuvering through drive modes, Lincoln’s design team studied everything from weather patterns to snowflakes.

With the new drive modes, the Lincoln Navigator will be able to handle any unfavorable conditions - ensuring Lincoln divers experience an unmatched driving experience.

“The beauty of these drive modes is they’re intuitive and easy to use,” said Andrew Kernahan, chief engineer, The Lincoln Motor Company. “You don’t have to know how each drive mode is developed, or adjust suspension settings or powertrain mapping. You just have to turn the dial, and the behavior of the vehicle is modified to fit the conditions or desired experience.”
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