In a year that was marked with ups and downs for the automobile market, Lincoln came out performing quite well. For some automakers, sales were down across the board. Changes in consumer habits and transportation options has, in part, led to this downward trend of vehicle sales.

Lincoln, however, appears to have dodged this trend in declining sales. In fact, the company’s sales are up, and drastically at that. Worldwide, the company boasted an impressive 188,383 vehicle sales last year. Impressive in its own right, the significance of this number is the fact that it’s the most sales for the company since 2000.

In today’s market, this is a feat on its own. These high sales were driven by a few factors. One such contributing factor was the company’s growth in sales in China. China is the world’s largest auto market, and companies are turning their attention towards increasing sales there. Lincoln appears to have succeeded there, as the company’s sales grew by 66 percent from the previous year.

Domestically, SUVs helped lead the way to Lincoln’s impressive sales. Lincoln SUVs had a great year, and nearly 72,000 were sold. This is their best year since 2003. The release of the all-new 2018 Lincoln Navigator in December helped finish off the year strong. The vehicle sold well in its opening month, and drew customers in with its technologically and luxuriously advanced design.

Time will tell if Lincoln's impressive sales figures will continue through this year but, thanks to already impressive sales of the new 2018 models and upcoming additions like the Lincoln Nautilus, the future looks bright.

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