It is becoming more and more common to find automakers partnering with companies outside of the field. Whether these companies work in technological development or the entertainment industry, automakers are partnering up with them more and more. One such relationship has recently been established between Lincoln Motor Company and sbe.

The partnership between Lincoln and sbe is built on the foundation of luxury. As a worldwide hospitality company, sbe is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible experiences. The company is increasing the amount of experiences offered to its customers by giving them the opportunity to drive Lincoln vehicles during their stay.

John Emmert, who is the group marketing manager for The Lincoln Motor Company, said this about the partnership, “At Lincoln, we are focused on creating personalized experiences. We know sbe is at the forefront of hospitality and is constantly raising the bar on lifestyle, which makes this collaboration the perfect next step for us.”

Lincoln and sbe share a common goal in providing the best service for their customers. The pair of companies teaming up makes sense, as both of the customer groups will likely appreciate the effort that both companies show. Currently, Lincoln Black Label Navigators and Continentals are available at 8 sbe properties. This partnership helps pair automobiles directly with possible future customers.

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