When purchasing a vehicle, many customers focus on getting the “best bang for their buck.” This saying doesn’t quite begin to encompass everything that goes into finding your perfect vehicle, but it gets the idea across. Essentially, the best-performing, highest-quality vehicle at a reasonable price is likely to top these lists.

Lincoln Motor Company’s vehicles are not strangers to top-value lists. The company was recently able to reel in two more top value awards. Both the Lincoln MKX and the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid earned spots on the Vincentric Best Fleet Value in America awards list.

The spots on the Vincentric list are very coveted. The Vincentric Best Fleet Value in America list details the vehicles that give fleet owners the lowest ownership cost. Earning a place on this list is not a simple task. When awarding the spots on their list, Vincentric goes over 2,500 different vehicle configurations. Earning a top spot means you have to beat out quite a bit of competition.

A lot goes into deciding which vehicles go on a prestigious list like Vincentric’s Best Fleet Value. Vincentric examined typical fleet conditions for each vehicle in every state in the nation, in addition to Washington D.C. Despite its prestige, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid has earned the top spot five times, while the Lincoln MKX has brought it home twice. For fleet value, look to Lincoln.

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