The Lincoln Continental is a very well-respected luxury sedan. The new generation of the vehicle is designed to exude luxury and performance. The sedan was removed from production in 2002, and there wasn’t a new Continental built for almost a decade and a half. Now, the Continental is back, and the newest installment on the line is garnering more than a few awards.

The 2018 Lincoln Continental has quite a bit going for it. Its stylish and slick exterior is complemented by the sedan’s new grille. Even though Lincoln’s focus is luxury, the 2018 Continental won’t leave you wanting for power. Finally, the interior is also something to behold, featuring finely-crafted seats and trim.

Though all pieces that make up the 2018 Lincoln Continental are high-quality, the interior has gained the vehicle a recent award. The Lincoln Continental recently gained a position on Autotrader’s 10 Best Car Interiors Under $50,000 list. Lincoln was able to secure a position on the coveted list with its new flagship sedan.

At $45,160, the base model Continental provides a surreal driving experience. Whether it’s the incredibly soft leather seating, or the inescapably beautiful wood trim, drivers are sure to be impressed with the car’s interior. If that wasn’t enough, the 2018 Lincoln Continental is equipped with peak technology. With a picture-perfect exterior, and award-winning interior, the Lincoln Continental is the luxury sedan of choice.  

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