In the new year, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator has performed exceptionally well. The high quality and potential of this large sized SUV, combined with the anticipation for the new vehicle culminated in impressive sales. The Lincoln Navigator experienced such good sales that the company couldn’t keep the vehicle on the lot. Each 2018 Lincoln Navigator spent an average of a single week on the lot before being sold.

This rate of sale was unexpected, so Lincoln is responding accordingly. In order to facilitate the interest in the large SUV, the company is ramping up production. This investment is in the amount of $25 million, and will be put towards upgrading the company’s manufacturing.

Both the Lincoln Navigator and the Ford Expedition are produced in their Kentucky truck plant. Like the Lincoln Navigator, Ford’s 2018 Expedition has an exceptional selling season, and has been equally hard to keep on the lot. In order to solve this problem, both the Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition are getting a boost in production.

The $25 million boost in investment will be used to put 400 new robots into the production plant. Additionally, a new, advanced 3D printer will be made available so that the plant’s employees can print parts at an accelerated rate. All of these advances will allow the company to produce the extremely popular 2018 Lincoln Navigator in a more efficient process.

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