As a company, Lincoln has set two goals at the forefront. The first is to provide its customers with some of the best, most luxurious vehicles possible. The second is to ensure that its customers are taken care of and provided with the best service possible. It is this second goal that lead Lincoln to expand its effortless services.

Joy Falotico, who is the president of The Lincoln Motor Company, was quoted saying this about the expansion, “We look at their lives, how they work and what they do, and then we look at what we can offer them from a Lincoln perspective to make everything more seamless and to save our clients what they value most – their time.”

Lincoln has long made it clear that they value the time of their customers. Providing superior customer service while still appreciating the time of the individual is important. One of the biggest changes with the expansion of Lincoln’s services is the launching of a luxury subscription pilot service.

The service allows customers in West Los Angeles the opportunity to subscribe to a service offering pre-owned 2017 Lincoln vehicles. In addition to this service being launched, Lincoln is also growing its Pickup & Delivery service as well as its Personal Driver program.

Lincoln continues to expand its customer services in order to provide them with the best experience possible.

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