After a long and tumultuous winter, summer has finally arrived. With the warm weather, long drives often follow shortly after. With students out of school and warm days ahead, chances are that more drivers will be on the road.

Before you take that road trip, or head off on a summer vacation, it's important to make sure that your Lincoln is ready for it. Lincoln vehicles provide a relaxing and luxurious experience when driven, but you want to make sure the vehicle is in top shape for the hot months to come.

Brakes: Brakes are a very important part of your vehicle, and you want to make sure that they are prepared for long drives and increased use. With more people on the road, this may mean more traffic, and more braking.

You’ll want to have your brakes replaced earlier rather than later. If you hear them start to squeal, they should be changed promptly.

Engine Fluids: Maintaining fluid levels in your vehicle is another part of keeping it ready for the summer heat. Your vehicle may go through oil and coolant differently during the summer than it did earlier in the year. Keep an eye on these levels to keep the vehicle running efficiently.

Tires: Tires are the last piece of your vehicle that you want to check before summer gets underway. Worn or under-inflated tires can be hazardous when driving. Additionally, check to make sure that any winter tires have been replaced with the normal issue.

Getting your vehicle serviced is simple with Lincoln’s support services. They have your best interests in mind. Make sure your vehicle is up-to-date to ensure that the vehicle, and your summer, runs smoothly.

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