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Explore The Tech Features In The 2019 Lincoln Continental At Our Scranton Car Dealership

The 2019 Lincoln Continental is available at our Lincoln dealership in Scranton, PA.


Discover Lincoln Luxury For Less At Coccia Lincoln

The brand-new, luxurious 2019 Lincoln Continental is now at your preferred Scranton car dealership. This premium sedan comes equipped with the latest innovative tech to keep you connected and safe wherever you go.

Visit Coccia Lincoln today and test-drive the new 2019 Continental in all of its available trims. Our luxury Lincoln dealership in Scranton, PA offers an extensive selection of new…

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Get the Most From Your Lincoln Camera

Backing up in your vehicle, especially when you are in a tight city space and attempting to parallel park, can be a very stressful situation. If you drive a Lincoln, you are in luck. Lincoln vehicles are outfitted with state-of-the-art rear view cameras.

Like all advanced technologies, there is a small learning curve with these cameras. That’s why Lincoln developed this video, which shows you everything you need to know about using your camera. Put your mind at ease when backing up with a Lincoln.

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Introducing Lincoln Drive Mode

Designers at the Lincoln Motor Company have worked together to create Lincoln’s newest innovative feature. The all-new Lincoln Navigator introduces the exciting Lincoln drive modes - designed for any client to understand.

Drivers select their setting through six consumer-friendly modes. These are easily accessed using the knob located on the center console.  

Three modes are terrain and weather-related:
  • Deep conditions, for snow, extremely muddy or sandy environments
  • Slippery, for wet or icy conditions
  • Slow climb, for steep terrain

The other three are based on the type of ride the driver desires:
  • Normal, for an effortless, balanced ride
  • Conserve, for efficient…
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A Perfect Seat For Any Driver

What is your biggest reservation about taking a long trip in your car? For many, it is the lack of comfort that a typical car seat provides. Mass-produced seats are often not comfortable for every user. The 2017 Lincoln Continental has fixed that.

With the Lincoln Continental, you can find a perfect position, with a highly customizable seat. Ride in comfort and luxury on your next commute.

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Lincoln Likely to Hybridize

In light of recent technological advances, and new customer interests, many companies are turning towards electric vehicles and applying quite a bit of research and development in the matter. Most companies now offer hybrid vehicle options, while others do sell fully electric sedans. Hybrids are becoming much more popular on the road, and they are expected to become increasingly popular in the coming years. Lincoln will contribute to this factor, as they plan to offer a hybrid option for each of their models in the U.S. by 2022.

This is a big step for Lincoln. Presently, the Lincoln MKZ…

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