Explore The Tech Features In The 2019 Lincoln Continental At Our Scranton Car Dealership

The 2019 Lincoln Continental is available at our Lincoln dealership in Scranton, PA.


Discover Lincoln Luxury For Less At Coccia Lincoln

The brand-new, luxurious 2019 Lincoln Continental is now at your preferred Scranton car dealership. This premium sedan comes equipped with the latest innovative tech to keep you connected and safe wherever you go.

Visit Coccia Lincoln today and test-drive the new 2019 Continental in all of its available trims. Our luxury Lincoln dealership in Scranton, PA offers an extensive selection of new…

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Lincoln MKZ

The 2019 Lincoln MKZ is available at our Lincoln dealership in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

The 2019 MKZ Includes Some Great Technology

The 2019 MKZ comes equipped with plenty of useful and easy-to-use technology. This makes it a very attractive vehicle for Scranton, PA drivers. Whether it is safety technology or performance technology, the 2019 Lincoln MKZ has everything you need.

Its convenience technology also makes it a great vehicle to check out at a Scranton car dealership like Coccia Lincoln. At this…

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Lincoln MKX And Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Are A Great Value

When purchasing a vehicle, many customers focus on getting the “best bang for their buck.” This saying doesn’t quite begin to encompass everything that goes into finding your perfect vehicle, but it gets the idea across. Essentially, the best-performing, highest-quality vehicle at a reasonable price is likely to top these lists.

Lincoln Motor Company’s vehicles are not strangers to top-value lists. The company was recently able to reel in two more top value awards. Both the Lincoln MKX and the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid earned spots on the Vincentric Best Fleet Value in America awards list.

The spots on…

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Lincoln and sbe Team Up

It is becoming more and more common to find automakers partnering with companies outside of the field. Whether these companies work in technological development or the entertainment industry, automakers are partnering up with them more and more. One such relationship has recently been established between Lincoln Motor Company and sbe.

The partnership between Lincoln and sbe is built on the foundation of luxury. As a worldwide hospitality company, sbe is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible experiences. The company is increasing the amount of experiences offered to its customers by giving them the opportunity to drive Lincoln…

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A Lincoln Pickup And Delivery Experience

Lincoln has built its company on two major pieces of foundation: building exceptional luxury vehicles and providing the best customer support and services. Lincoln knows how important time is for their customers, which is why they have these services.

One such service is Lincoln Pickup & Delivery. This service allows owners of Lincoln vehicle models 2017 and newer the option of having their Lincoln picked up and then dropped off for service. What’s even better is that customers are given a complimentary vehicle during this time. Lincoln puts the customers first with their services.

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Ensure Your Lincoln Is Summer-Ready

After a long and tumultuous winter, summer has finally arrived. With the warm weather, long drives often follow shortly after. With students out of school and warm days ahead, chances are that more drivers will be on the road.

Before you take that road trip, or head off on a summer vacation, it's important to make sure that your Lincoln is ready for it. Lincoln vehicles provide a relaxing and luxurious experience when driven, but you want to make sure the vehicle is in top shape for the hot months to come.

Brakes: Brakes are a very important part…

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Lincoln Launches A New Program

As a company, Lincoln has set two goals at the forefront. The first is to provide its customers with some of the best, most luxurious vehicles possible. The second is to ensure that its customers are taken care of and provided with the best service possible. It is this second goal that lead Lincoln to expand its effortless services.

Joy Falotico, who is the president of The Lincoln Motor Company, was quoted saying this about the expansion, “We look at their lives, how they work and what they do, and then we look at what we can offer them from…

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Lincoln First Listen: NE-YO

What is the most important part of your drive? Is it the sights you see, the stops you take, or the music you listen to on the way? For many drivers, the music they play makes their drive fly by.

In the new Lincoln Navigator, you’ll always have high-quality music at your disposal with the Revel sound system. This system is great for listening to some of today’s biggest artists, including NE-YO, Lincoln’s featured artist.

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A Powerful Team

If there’s someone you want both on the court with you, and in the car next to you, its Serena Williams. The unrivaled tennis star knows quite a bit about the Lincoln Navigator, and even more about bringing home trophies.

Both Lincoln and Williams have built their own legacies. Lincoln’s revolves around providing the best and most luxurious vehicles. Williams’ legacy started with her tennis career, and now includes her daughter. Together, Williams and Lincoln are working towards establishing the legacy of the new 2018 Lincoln Navigator.

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2019 Lincoln Aviator Previews Future

The future of the automotive industry is constantly changing and adapting to fit the needs and desires of a changing world and customer base. This is great news for innovation; companies are continually coming up with new and better vehicles and technologies. With the introduction of the Lincoln Aviator, Lincoln is stepping into the future.

Lincoln’s new vehicle is powerful and streamlined, which is exactly what you would expect from the company.  It is also the first step in a new direction. The company is now focused on SUVs, as that appears to be where the market is heading…

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