Routine Oil Change Service Protects Your Vehicle

What to Know About Oil Change Service

Engine Health is Critical for Vehicle Performance

Motor oil is essential to the health and performance of your vehicle’s engine. It keeps all the moving parts of the engine lubricated, prevents your vehicle from overheating, and ensures that no debris or harmful substances accumulate in your engine.

At Coccia Lincoln, our Wilkes-Barre car dealership, we can provide oil change service and other important auto repairs in our expert Service Center. Our technicians are factory trained and certified to do your Lincoln oil change using high-quality products and fluids made especially for your vehicle.

Having your oil change service done at the intervals recommended in your owner’s manual is critical to the health of your engine. And to maintain the performance of your vehicle over time. Proper preventive maintenance can also save you from far more expensive auto repair down the line.

Oil being filtered through the engine of a Lincoln vehicle at the Service Center at Coccia Lincoln.

When is it Time for Oil Change Service?

As a general rule, your oil should be changed about every 3 months or every 3,000 miles. However, you should always follow the recommendation in your vehicle owner’s manual or the recommendation of a professional technician. Vehicles can vary and different engines require different maintenance intervals.

Timely oil change service ensures that your engine parts are in good condition and that your vehicle is running well. Old oil or low oil levels can lead to overheating, sticking pistons, or decreased engine life. We can’t stress enough the importance of adhering to the recommended maintenance schedules for your vehicle.

Can You Top Off Your Oil?

In emergency low oil situations you can, and should, top off your oil. However, adding clean oil to old oil is not a substitute for a full oil change service.

In fact, this just puts more stress on your engine and keeps the new oil from operating properly. And you still have muddy oil running through the engine system. Always have an inspection and full oil service done afterward.

External elements and outside temperatures generally don’t affect your oil condition or levels. If you’re not sure about needing an oil change service or you are experiencing issues with your engine, consult a professional technician. The experts at Coccia Lincoln can do a comprehensive checkup to make sure your vehicle is operating at an optimal level. If any repair services are needed we can identify them and make service recommendations.

What Do I Get With Oil Change Service?

An oil change service is a little more involved than putting clean oil in your car. The old oil is removed, as is the oil filter which will be recycled. Then a new filter and clean oil will be installed. Your vehicle will also get a complimentary inspection to make sure other fluids, lights, and your battery are in good working order.

Traditionally, oil is drained from your vehicle but it can also be siphoned out. There are new suction machines that attach to the dipstick and pull the oil out of the engine. Either method works, the imperative part is extracting the old oil from the engine so that it can be filled with clean oil.

It’s extremely valuable to have your oil change service done professionally. For starters, there is no one-size-fits-all for engine oil and it’s important to get the right blend for your engine. There are synthetic blends, high mileage oil, conventional oil, or full synthetic oil.

Though your owner’s manual might have this information for you, discussing your vehicle and driving conditions with a technician will ensure you get the oil that is best for your car. A technician may recommend an oil that will increase the performance of your vehicle. This may be different than what you are currently using but it is generally fine to switch between synthetic and conventional motor oil.

If you own a diesel engine, you may need more frequent oil and oil filter change service. These engines tend to be dirtier and the motor oil used has a larger amount of additives.

Can You Do Oil Change Service Yourself?

It is not recommended that you perform the oil change on your own. In addition to being messy, there is a risk of using the wrong oil product or overlooking another issue with your vehicle.

It also requires specific equipment and tools which you may not have, like an oil pan and a special wrench. You will need to make sure to properly dispose of the oil and recycle the filter. Always follow the recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.

Convenient, Professional Lincoln Oil Change Service

Staying on top of your vehicle maintenance schedule will ensure that your vehicle continues to function properly. Regular maintenance also protects the longevity of your vehicle parts and prevents more costly auto repairs. Making sure your oil change service is done as recommended by the manufacturer is critical to the performance of your engine, the heart of your vehicle.

You can trust the certified professionals at Coccia Lincoln to provide convenient and efficient oil change service. This service also includes a multi-point inspection to ensure your vehicle is performing at an optimal level and we use products and fluids designed especially for your Lincoln.

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