Find out your options with COCCIA Lincoln. Our sales consultants will guide you through your lease ending options. 

Discover how you can EXTEND your lease while you wait for the vehicle that is right for you. Then work with one of our experienced Sales Consultants to ORDER your next vehicle.  Finally,  RELAX knowing that COCCIA Lincoln will be notifying you of your vehicle's production status every step of the way.


Your Sales Consultant can assist you in extending your lease through the Lincoln Lease Extension Program.  By extending your vehicle lease, you will be able to keep your current Lincoln car or SUV until your new ordered Lincoln is ready.  Furthermore, you will be entitled to a complimentary vehicle maintenance service at COCCIA to keep your vehicle running smoothly.  
*Interested customers must have a DORA (dealer order receipt acknowledgment) number. Customers may utilize the Lease-End Extension program for up to 12 months while waiting for your ordered vehicle to arrive.

Our friendly Sales Consultants can walk you through our ordering process and help customize your new vehicle to fit your lifestyle.  At the time of purchase, you will get a projected delivery date and a VIN number that directly matches your with your new vehicle.  A small deposit may be required.

Your next vehicle has been secured and we will notify you of your vehicle's status throughout the production process.  A dedicated staff member will track your vehicle's progress and will communicate with you throughout the process. Notifications will be sent at order acceptance, assignment of a production date and plant release so that you know when you can expect to see your new vehicle.

Speak to your sales consultant today to go over your options and make the best choice for you.

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